Company Overview


We are Barjawi Family Owned business that has been Import/Export for along generation. We give the best quality and a taste sensation of our licensed Branded products.

Customer service advisors are also fully briefed on all Interfood products and services - with contact management software systems ensuring all information is immediately at hand.

United Interfood is a team of professional salesmen and product specialists. All members of staff are well trained and fully briefed. The induction and training of our team members to the levels we require, takes time and only by planning ahead can we ensure those levels of expertise and service that we set as a benchmark, are maintained.


Mr. Barjawi - General Manager, Owner
  Practically born into the natural products industry, A. Barjawi actively seeks and responds to feedback on his thoughts about creating a new business paradigm, addressing issues facing the foods and beverages industry, exploring the international products to assist his environment to have the best quality foods and much more.

Mr. Barjawi - Sales Manager
  He has helped grow up business with following up Mr. A. Barjawi vision to have largest brand products and manufacturers in the Sweden. Today He is still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of chain supply foods for customers.

Miss Barjawi - Executive Secretary
  She is involving in the day-to-day customer services and administration operation to handle our customers needs.


Consumer-owned Local & International Products serving our community with quality products and honest information.


Our vision is to enhance our customers’ business. We will do this by providing the highest quality foods and beverages products and the best possible services to the food industry. We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain the long-term success of our customers and ourselves.