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When it comes to choosing a purchasing order with right products, there are a whole range of criteria to consider. Alongside speed and cost, you're going to have to think hard about budget and contract length.

But perhaps the most important factor is what kind of help you are looking for. Once you've established this, you'll find it's much easier to track your purchasing order that meets your needs and wholesales products including variety of Brands.

Below, we outline some of the most common types we serve you and recommend products and brands on the products menu that we think most closely match your needs.

Import & Export

UIF I Malmö AB Import/Export is to provide quality products to the Europe and Sweden's retail market. UIF is willing to utilize necessary resources to ensure the success of our import/export venture. UIF is also committed to providing in-depth service to this market in terms of assistance in distribution, advertising, and promotion.

Pirvate Order

Private ordering is a service offered by UIF I Malmö AB in response to customers requests for products which are not currently available in United Interfood Warehouses or Europe locations. These products are for personal consumption only, not for resale.

Please see the Private Ordering Policy below for more details or to place an order please complete the Private Order Form.

Please forward the completed form to Product Supply by fax or email.

Fax: +46 40 80 552
Email: info@unitedinterfood.com

Our customer service employees are always happy to hear from you. If you just need a quick answer, check out these frequently asked questions and answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Management Logictics

UIF I Malmö provides a full line of services throughout our professional teams & global network. Our distribution capabilities offer best-in-class inventory management and order fulfillment that allow for seamless global logistics solutions and complete supply chain management.

Our professional management teams offer local expertise with a variety of industry backgrounds, allowing us to manage complex distribution requirements.

In addition to traditional distribution center management, we provide a full range of managment logictics to suit your specialized needs, including origin distribution, vendor managed inventory, order fulfillment and returns programs, as well as order level services like inner carton pick and pack and handling goods.

UIF know that a secure supply chain is critical to your business and we incorporate your security expectations into the standard operating procedures that manage your account.

At UIF I Malmö AB, security is not a separate product or service but intrinsic to everything we do.
Our systems, processes and consistent approach ensure your cargo moves through our logictics department and our global network in a secure manner.

UIF work with our professional teams and carriers third party warehouses and all other business partners to verify their internal security programs meet Local & International Logistics Minimum Security Standards.

The consistency in our approach, careful selection of our business partners and our local and global emphasis in quality create an environment that promotes a secure supply chain.

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